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"31/05/10 - Monday"

So what's new with Freelance? Well after a long design period, we are beginning to finalise a list of features for implementation. The Chapter one dialogue script is nearing completion and the main focus has been on completing the main sections of the Archer. Once the Bridge section is complete and the dialogue script has been proof read, we can start the scripting phase. This means we could start seeing some actual game play footage soon, although a lot of the features are yet to be coded in. I will of course post more information as it becomes available.

Posted by Griffin Endurance at 9:01AM | 31/05/10




"23/03/10 - Tuesday"

So, let me begin by apologising for the lack of updates lately. I have recently been going through writers block which has limited the amount of visual media I have been able to create and also slowed the project down to a slow crawl. I have recently however recovered and although we are still not producing a lot of visual media, Freelance has entered another design stage where new feature designs are being polished and various dialogue and story work is being written. I hope to have some more encouraging news and some new POTW's by the end of March, so keep tuned for updates.

Posted by Griffin Endurance at 15:52PM | 23/03/10



"31/12/09 - Thursday"

Greetings all! So what's new with Freelance Development at the moment? Well after fixing the texture problem, I found that the map of the Archer Bridge was just too unstable to work with. What I am going to do instead is leave some of the textures out of PK3's with the final release, and that should prevent the decompression error. PK3's are designed to compress the size of the game and make it easier to fit on a CD or transfer across the internet, but seen as Freelance is going to be huge anyway, I would rather add a few MB to make it look better, after all you are still going to end up with a large download, it might as well look better for it. At the moment, Com-man is on a slight break until the second week of January so I have been doing some all round mapping. I started with Tevron, then went on to Hader Prime, and now I am tidying up, doing some updates to the website, and continuing with some mapping and the dialogue scripts. On Com-mans return I plan to dive into the ship flight system and try and improve upon it with the help of Com-mans code

Posted by Griffin Endurance at 12:44PM | 31/12/09



" 17/12/09 - Thursday"

Its been some time since my last update. Firstly most would have noticed the new Tevron map that has been completed when a picture was posted on EFFiles for their POTD. It took about eight hours to get to where it is but it still has a long way to go. In honour of this new map, I have posted a new system page in the Content/Locations area. It also contains some background information on the Tevron people. Secondly I am having some problems with the Archer class map. Some may recall a few bugs with the Teaser released earlier this year. With the help of Com-man I have been able to successfully Identify the problem. As some of you may know, there is a Freelance Staff Only section now available to some staff. This area contains, map downloads, dialogue scripts and code for testing. It seems the same problem with the teaser was spotted here as well. The problem lies in the textures but the actual problem itself doesn't seem to make much sense. Some of the Freelance textures are higher then 1024 X 1024, some even go as high as 2048 X 2048. On older computers (ones without 64bit or dual core processors, as well as ones with outdated graphics) the problem doesn't seem to be as frequent. On newer machines however, it tends to cause crashing of the game. I do not believe this is related to actually rendering the textures, as that is all done in game and newer machines should would not render them all that different. The problem lies with the engine attempting to decompress the files when they are in a pk3 file. If you extract them or turn compressed textures on in the game options, the problem will go away. Now what does this all have to do with the Archer map. Well the Archer map has a lot of these high res textures, and I have had to lower the resolution of some textures "not going any higher then 1024 X 1024. As a result the quality is not as good as is was before. Some textures however with strange resolutions (ones that are extremely long for example) have had to be split into several smaller textures so they will be the same quality. Ever since I started this operation, the map has frequently failed to compile, and now the bridge section of the map has to be in a separate map on its own even though I haven't hit the brush, model limits. As a result I will now have to split all the maps into one map per deck similar to VV rather then one large map as I had hoped. That's about it for the time being, I will keep you all updated..

Posted by Griffin Endurance at 08:31AM | 17/12/09



"30/10/09 - Friday"

Greetings all! Its been quite a while since my last blog update. Freelance is still moving along at a slow pace but work is getting created. The new weapons system is still being coded and the starter ships and prologue sections are slowly getting mapped. We have had some previous staff members resume work recently. Petee has continued his work on the training maps. Apart from that there is not really much to report. We will of course keep everyone updated on any new developments.

Posted by Griffin Endurance at 08:31AM | 30/10/09


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