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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Freelance?

Freelance is a fan made single player game built on the Irrlicht graphics engine. You take on the roll of Commander Peter Callum, first officer onboard the U.S.S Triumph. At the beginning of the story, Commander Callum is ordered back to Starfleet Headquarters to receive a command of his own and a new assignment. How ever, on the way the player receives a distress call from a federation ship. This is where the storyline begins to change based on the players choices. Do you respond to the distress call, or do you carry on. The choice is yours!

Will there be voice acting in Freelance?

Yes. The story is extremely diverse and full of dialogue that our team of voice actors have put together. Almost every character in the story can be spoken too. You are given the multiple choice dialogue that means the dialogue may not be the same next time you play the story through. You even have side missions and Holodeck programs which are kind of mods, within a mod.

What is the estimated time of release?

17th of December 2497, basically, don't ask

How can I join the team?

I send each Freelance applicant through a application process which usually involves creating something that I specify to see your abilities and assign you a roll that suits you talents. If you are interested, just contact me through the contact page or forums.

Who are the project leads?

I am. I decided from the moment I was getting applications, that I would be solely responsible for Freelance and everyone would report to me. I spend about forty hours on Freelance a week where most cant spend that amount of time. I decided that in order for me to maintain a good pace of work without having to worry about people getting work back to me, I would assign out work that needed to be done in the future and I would work on everything up to that point.

What new features can we expect?

Most of these have been tested but some may not be used depending on what the community would like.

Interactive multi choice dialogue, manual helm control with external shot of the ship, auto helm control where you tell you helmsman to lay in a course, mission ops, Stella cartography, team commands such as hold position or follow me, various story time lines that allow for dozens of endings.

That is just listing a few.

Will there be a multiplayer mode?

There are no plans for a multiplayer mode at this time.

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I hope you found this helpful. I will try to update this page when more questions come up. If you would like a question answered on this page let me know and I will put it on here for you.

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