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The Hader System is home to the Hader Imperium. A Reptilian humanoid race that have recently achieved warp drive capabilities over the past two decades.

Hader Prime

Hader Prime is the home world of the Hader Imperium. The name Hader was given based on the ancient Tevron word for snake. The Hader's actual name is impossible to translate, so they adopted the name.
The Hader homeworld is a cross between Mars and Earth. It has no tectonic activity and a very dense atmosphere consisting of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium and Iron-oxide. For the most part, the planet is covered in dense concentrations of Iron ore that give it its red colour. Due to the density of the planets atmosphere, the sky is also red. Hader Prime has an average temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. As a result, there are only small pockets of liquid water across the surface, with the exception of a large ocean on the southern hemisphere.
The Hader themselves are a reptilian species. They evolved from lizards over many millennia. As for plant and animal life, the planet contains a complex ecosystem, but surprisingly very few herbivores. The Hader planet is broken down into various states. These states are ruled over by their Supreme Monarch. The planets government is one of dictatorship. The Supreme Monarch passes all laws, and most of the planet is run as a police state. Armed guards are around every corner. Each city on the planet is broken into tiny sections all surrounded by fences and walls, complete with security check points. It is not uncommon for guards to beat uncooperative citizens, and in some cases some have even died from the resulting injuries.

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