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Welcome to Freelance


Loyal fans of Freelance.

Due to a lack of interest from potential programmers, and limited skills and dedication/time within the development. We have chosen to shut down the Star Trek : Freelance development project. The code is too complex and too big a job for our team, and with so few job applications from coders we are simply not getting anywhere. We appreciate everyone within the Star Trek community that have supported the project, and regret that we were simply unable to succeed in our ambitions. The staffs Non-Disclosure agreement will remain intact, and all Freelance materials will be stored in case the opportunity comes up to resurrect the project. NO FREELANCE MATERIAL WILL BE RELEASED.

I myself have invested a lot of money and 5 years of my time to the design and development of this project. As a result I am deeply saddened by this decision. I will also be at this time, retiring from any development based projects, including any maps or mods for other games. Again I apologise for letting you all down, and wish you all the best of luck for the future.

Griffin Endurance

Welcome to the official Star Trek : Freelance website. Here you can find all the latest news and information about Freelance.

Freelance is a fan developed game designed for Star Trek Gamers originally built on Raven Software's Star Trek : Voyager - Elite Force. It will combine RPG and FPS style gameplay to create a unique experience.

With non-linear gameplay and a compelling story, take command of your very own starship and face a terrifying foe.

Choose where to go, when and what to do when you get there. Take your place in the center chair and discover a galaxy full of wonders and terrors.



Submit a Character!

We have just launched a new contest called the submit a Character contest. Submit a character to be the players Chief Medical officer.


Submit a Character.

Have your say!

We always enjoy hearing other peoples opinions about our work, so why not stop by are 'What would you like to see in Freelance' forum thread and post your ideas. After all, if you don't make your ideas heard they probably wont end up in the game!

What would you like to see in Freelance

Screenshots and Concepts!

We have a large selection of screenshots and concepts available for viewing in our image gallery. Why not stop by and take a look.

Freelance Image Gallery

Freelance Content

We have information on some of the characters that will be featured in the game. Why not stop by. More...


Freelance will contain many different locations. Some are listed here.


Questions? Perhaps you will find the answer in our FAQ section.




Freelance is currently looking for experience C/C++ programmers to help with the coding of the new Freelance engine. Applicants must be knowledgeable in C/C++ and have a committed attitude. They should also be creative and be able to meet deadlines.

If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Griffin Endurance at griffinendurance@stfreelance.com





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