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"New Video Release"

Good news and bad news. Good news is we have a new video posted on you tube, bad news is it will probably be the last for quite some time. This video is another video of the Archers interior but with the new textures and layout. Note however that this is not a complete tour but snippets. Just exploring the first 5 decks I managed to create a video that was almost 14 minutes long. Its so big now that you can actually walk the entire circumference of the saucer section on deck 5, and that deck is split into 4 separate maps. Also I apologise for the sections with low FPS, it was on my laptop and could get really laggy at times.






"Freelance to go stand alone."

After careful thought from all of us here at Star Trek : Freelance, we have decided to create an engine specifically for the game. As a result it will no longer be a modification for the original Elite Force game created by Raven Software. Below are some images of the Archer Class Bridge that have been successfully ported over to our new graphics engine IrrLicht.

IrrLicht is an open source graphics engine which supports DX9, "instead of EF's original DX7" and some advanced features such as dynamic lighting, bump mapping and higher model complexity. It might take some time before we are able to fully integrate what we have in EF into the new engine, and we will need to code all of the existing features and game play from the original game into IrrLicht.

We will be attempting to bring in some more people to help with this transference. This creates an exciting opportunity for Freelance and the future players. We will if course keep everyone informed of our progress, but expect a drop in visual media over the next few months while we focus on the code.

Bridge Shot 1:

Bridge Shot 2:

Ready Room Shot:

Conference Room Shot:

Please note: The weapon on screen is from a test project that comes with IrrLicht, and will not be featured in the final game. Also these image only express the graphics engines support of Freelance materials and not the advanced features that are yet to be implemented.


Posted by Griffin Endurance at 11:47AM | 02/08/10



"Dialogue Screen Implemented"

After several days of tinkering we finally have a working version of the multiple choice dialogue screen. This screen will be used during conversations with in game characters to select what you want to say. How it will be worded is as of yet undecided. We are currently thinking of having a summarised line to express roughly what your character will be saying for each choice and have already implemented a 'Intimidate' and 'Persuade' feature that will appear in green and red, similar to Mass Effects 'Paragon' and 'Renegade' Choices. Below is a test image of the implemented screen. We are also in the process of replacing the font as the original EF font looks a little out of place..

Posted by Griffin Endurance at 11:47AM | 02/08/10


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