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Omega Draconis VII



The Omega Draconis VII System (Or simply Omega Draconis for short" is located deep inside sector 175. The system is a little unusual due to It containing no dangers for the planets such as asteroid fields or comets. Its safe and warm and contains at least 3 potentially inhabitable bodies. For such a high number of life friendly bodies to exist in such an unstable system is highly irregular.

Omega Draconis VII Planet I

Omega Draconis VII Planet I is an M Class planet. It is the closest planet to the suns, but still far enough away to give birth to a large and complex ecosystem and inviting atmosphere. It is the only planet in the system that does not have a moon. Along the equator is a small valley which contains the last remnants of an ancient civilisation. Little is known about this civilisation. For such a comfortable system it is strange to note that not one space faring species has chosen to colonise it. The Tevron refuse to inhabit it due to ancient myths warning them of the destruction of their species. The Hader also have an ancient superstition that even entering the system would anger the dead and bring around an apocalypse. The system remains uninhabited.

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