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POTW Archive


Sabre Class Turbolift
16/11/10 - Tuesday

First POTW in a while, sorry for lack of update but you know why. As you may all be aware, we have just finished running our submit a starship contest. The results are in, and the Sabre has one. As a result I have made some interior concepts, one of which is this turbolift design.


New Edison Bridge
02/09/10 - Thursday

As you can imagine, we will be having a lot less POTW due to the fact that we are starting a brand new engine just for Freelance. Any we do have will be maps working in EF unless specified otherwise. This 'weeks' POTW is the current status of the Edison bridge. I decided to redesign this bridge based on the new design I created of the Edison in the Submit a ship thread. The Edison has a Nova class bridge module so as you can imagine most of this bridge reflects that with a touch of Intrepid.


Starbase Spa
06/08/10 - Sunday

First POTW in a while. This is a screenshot of part of the spa area onboard Starbase 175. Some would have already seen this image, but its the only one I had at hand. You can now post comments below!!!!!!!


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