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The Sol System, home to Earth, is the home system of the Human race and now the Federation of Planets. In Freelance, you will be able to visit some of the locations in this system.

StarFleet Command HQ

Starfleet Command Headquarters is the complex of buildings in San Francisco, Earth, from which Starfleet is administrated and organised. Starfleet Command Headquarters is also home to the Starfleet Academy. This is where young cadets learn the values of Starfleet and the Federation, and also learn a variety of subjects including starship operations, science, engineering and combat.
The Headquarters was originally home to the United Earth Starfleet command center up until 2161 when the Federation was formed. Overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, the grounds appear almost like a haven. Much like the rest of Earth, there is little crime, war, or disease.
In Freelance, Starfleet Headquarters is where the player will receive new assignments, report current progress and possibly face legal accusations depending on the choices they make in the game.

Downtown San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco is the main residential and commercial area in San Francisco. Home to apartments, clubs, restaurants, cafe's, offices and even a police force.
In Freelance you can visit Downtown San Francisco at any time, just by returning to Earth. The player can walk freely around a promenade area that intersects Jackson Street and Laguna Street. There are several locations open to you. There is a club called Evolution, where you can go for a drink. A Gym and Spa, A Coffee shop for day time hours, a Casino where you can go to gamble, and an Italian restaurant.
In Freelance there are side missions in almost every 'Free' location. As a result you can got to any of the above locations and find someone in need or jobs that need doing. Some will have a negative effect while others will be positive.

Dock master 12 Station

Dock Master 12 is a station in Earths orbit. The station is responsible for a large number of the dry docks that are in orbit and also acts as a hub for ship maintenance, repair teams, worker bees and personnel transfers.

The player will visit the station every time they receive command of a new starship or their ship is brought in for repairs. The station is quite small and contains very few crew members. However, it is predicted that as many as two thousand scientists, crewman and engineering staff travel through the station every day.

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