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Flight Test Alpha

This video shows the flight test alpha that I am currently working on. No code has yet been implemented into this system with the exception of the help bar down the left hand side. A lot of work still needs to be done, but it is still a good start, and proof that it can be implemented.



Freelance Clips

I created this video to show some of the work that has been done, and to let people know that I haven't gone anyway.



U.S.S Columbus Tour

Similar to the U.S.S Archer tour, this is the Columbus tour. The Columbus is an Edison Class starship. It is coming along well, but is still not completed.




Hope you're not scared easily! This is actually a video that was made before Freelance became public, but we put it up in conjunction with the POTW that was posted on the 26th of May, 2009.

The video shows a cut scene from the training. The player has just restored power and activated a beacon "for some reason" and an enemy that has been pursuing him decides to use a biological weapon to leave him some little friends to play with. Enjoy.



Teaser Teaser

This video is a Teaser video of the Teaser mod.  It contains some good footage and an inaccurate release date.



U.S.S Archer Tour

This video is a tour of the U.S.S Archer, as it was in early March. The ship is still not finished though. You will be able to get some sense as to its layout. This is the deep space version of the ship. Ship specific missions will be different and when you are in a system, you will only have access to the Bridge, Transporter room and/or Shuttle Bay.

Some people will mention the layout, having the brig so close to the Transporter room, Engineering and the armoury. I'm not to bothered as there was no other viable deck to put it on. I wanted to keep the quarters and recreational areas separate from them and I wanted to keep all the labs, sickbay ect away from them too. This left the engineering deck, that without the other rooms, would only contain Engineering. I am already having to delete areas of corridor due to reaching the EF Brush limit, so another deck would be out of the question. I would also believe that adding engineering to the cargo bay and shuttle bay deck would just not suit the theme.

Finally for those who do not see the armoury and sickbay as mentioned in the video. The armoury will be left of the corridor that leads out to the right "where the docking bay will be" and sickbay will be on the science lab deck, first door on the left as you exit the turbolift.



Freelance Features 1

This video is the first official release of Freelance Gameplay footage. It is the first in a series of videos I plan to do, demonstrating the features of Freelance. This particular video shows you, returning to maps, Dynamic and Non-Dynamic choices. The first area is a section of the training which was sent out in alpha form to Freelance staff about 6 months ago. The second is from the beginning of the Freelance campaign. I wanted to demonstrate these features first as they are the fundamental gameplay features of Freelance. Everything in Freelance pretty much evolves around these. 



Starter Ships

This video is basically a teaser showing the three starter ships. The U.S.S Archer NX0156 A, an Archer class Ship, A Echelon Class Ship and a Edison Class ship. The last two have not received names yet however the playable Edison Class has a registry of NCC - 81746.



STV : Equinox Video

This video is basically the mother of Freelance. This was the first section of gameplay from a mod I was working on called Star Trek : Voyager - Equinox. Based on the Voyager Episode "Equinox", this mod started with some fast based holodeck action. The scenes from the original episode were created in EF and the playable sections were cleverly put in when the scenes would have usually ended. Anyway enjoy!



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